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The Power of an E-mail List

As incredible as it can seem, people still use their e-mails nowadays and you would be surprised if you know how much this brings a great return to those who know how to send them.

If you don’t have one yet and still have doubts, check out what’s next. We are going to convince you that an e-mail list is a good option to increase your business’s sales and teach you how to put this process in practice.


It’s Easy and Cheap

Building an engaged e-mail list is easier and cheaper than maintaining your Instagram to the Full. While you have to spend hours creating content and engaging on Instagram to see some results, you just have to write a few e-mails to feed your list and program them to be delivered when you want to.

We know that our e-mails will be delivered to all destinations (with some exceptions) and that the majority will be opened. They won’t be like social media’s posts or stories, which many times get behind, and people who could be interested didn’t even get the chance to see them. In other words, your reach will be higher, so are the chances of selling.

Another advantage is that you can send many offers direct on people’s e-mails, while Instagram is very limited when we talk about links. Of course, we still have platforms to help in this aspect, but it is way more difficult for people to arrive on your sales link. In the e-mail, people just have to give two clicks to get there.

Also, you don’t need to spend money promoting your posts.

It’s Safe

While social networks are always changing their algorithms and letting us crazy to adapt to the new reality and maintaining the same engagement, e-mails never change.

It Brings More Results

A few minutes spent on an e-mail list bring much more results than hours spent on Instagram, trying to earn followers and attention.

At the maximum, you will take some time creating your lead magnets and writing some e-mails, but it will be, for sure, shorter than what you spend producing content and interacting on your Instagram. To keep your Instagram to the full, you have to do, at least, one post per day. E-mail doesn’t need all that attention.

It Nurtures your Leads

The people on your e-mail list are those who are really interested in your content, at the point of giving personal information to receive it. In this way, you can nurture your leads, with quality content, directed especially to them.

Thus, people won’t throw your e-mails away or put them on the spam box and will get avid to receive your content.

It Sells Better

Like said, with an e-mail list, the chances of making a sale are higher, because of the facilities.

Besides the person seeing what all you have to offer (e-mails never fail, if you know how to nurture your leads), the chances of him/her buying your products is much higher. Between many reasons we already gave you, you still have a very limited number of characters to convince your client on Instagram, in the e-mail you don’t.

And, wanting or not, although much think it is an obsolete tool, it passes much more reliability and professionalism.

It Can be Used on Lookalike Audiences From Facebook Ads

This tool is made to, when you put your e-mail list on it, Facebook will identify similar audiences and direct your campaigns to them.

This is very advantageous because the people that will see your campaign have more chances to be interested in it. In other words, your chance of success is higher.

See how an e-mail list is powerful and still can be integrated with your social media? By the way, probably it will need to be “connected” in some way with your social media and blog because they will lure new members to it. It’s where you put your landing pages and links to it. They must be all integrated into an ecosystem that works well together.

So, now that you know its benefits and are convinced to build one, let me teach you how to put this in practice.


Understand your Avatar

The first step to build your e-mail list is to comprehend your avatar (or persona).

The more you know about your ideal client, the easier it is to pick the kind of lead magnet to create and attract this person – and which content to create to make her/him stay and absorb knowledge through your content.

Subscribe to an E-mail Marketing Service

Automatizing the triggering of your e-mails will make your life easier. And choosing an e-mail service is relatively easy. There are several options for providers with different advantages.

Our recommendation is GetResponse. Although is paid, it offers the benefit of building landing pages with high conversion power.

Create a Very Attractive Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are high-value pieces of content – more valuable than a blog post, but less valuable than a paid product.

They motive your audience to give their e-mail addresses in exchange for these pieces of content. It can be an eBook, a Challenge, a mini-course… There are several and very different options for you to choose from.

And since they are laborious, you can use Scribble to create some of them. On Scribble you can, mainly, create eBooks. They give you templates, content and you can personalize it the way you want.

To know more about the options of lead magnets you can create, check out our post The importance of lead magnets.

Create a Landing Page

The landing page is where the audience will have the opportunity to value whether they want to subscribe or not, and finally insert their personal information (usually the first name and the e-mail address) to receive the lead magnet.

The landing page can be replaced by simple subscription forms, distributed on your blog. Don’t forget to connect your forms to an e-mail sequence, because this will bring benefits to you and your audience.

Spread your Content

The final step on building your e-mail list is to make your landing pages and forms to be seen. You can do this on social media, groups, paid advertisements… The sky is the limit!

If you follow these steps, you’ll have a new business ecosystem, all beautifully done and connected. You’ll be able to reach different kinds of audiences and make much more sales.


12 Minutes Affiliate

If you are still new to this and didn’t understand well what this is all about or if you got it but need someone to guide you through this process, we have this indication for you.

On 12 Minutes Affiliate, you’ll learn how easy and quick it is to put all of this process in practice. The teacher will guide you through each step and all of the schemes will be ready in a few minutes. You’ll be able to see the results in just a few days.


Building an e-mail list is easy, quick and cheap and you’ll have much more return.

Connect with your social media and blog and you’ll have a bombastic outcome!

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