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The Importance of Lead Magnets


In digital marketing, lead magnets are an online technique used to gain the prospects’ contact information, usually their names and e-mails. It can be anything that has high value to call the audience’s attention but doesn’t worth too much, so you can give it for free.

Although lead magnets can often take a lot of energy and time to produce, they are very popular as they work more often than not. And this is because lead magnets are the easiest way to introduce customers to your business, consume your content and build a relationship with them.


When people give their contact in exchange for a lead magnet, they will become part of your e-mails’ list. An e-mails’ list is very important in your business because people will always receive your content and offers and, if you know how to nurture your leads, the chances of selling your products will be much higher.

A lead magnet will also help you to segment your e-mails’ lists. You can create a lead magnet for each kind of audience or niche.

To know more about the advantages of having an e-mails’ list, and in consequence lead magnets, check out our post The Power of an E-mails’ List.

Here are a few different ideas of lead magnets that you can try your hand at and produce more interaction for your online business.


There are a variety of lead magnets that you can create, some more laborious and expensive than others, but you can choose which one combines with your business and fits in your pocket.


One of the most popular lead magnets are 30-day challenges as it brings in flocks of audience and interactions.

There are numerous reasons why this lead magnet often works and why you need to think about doing challenges as a lead magnet too.

Challenges that have a starting and ending date have urgency, which makes that challenge much more compelling

People love the sense of exclusivity. Knowing that a challenge has a beginning and an end will make people feel like they are participating in a unique experience. Besides, they will know that they need to do some sacrifice only in a certain period of time. It’s way easier and people can even start doing some countdown.

Challenges will build brand awareness by fostering a sense of community because everyone is doing these challenges together, at the same time

We know that when we need to do something hard to do, it’s always better and easier with a company. And that’s all challenges are about. Knowing that he/she is not alone in this defiant process and that your brand is there to help him/her through this process and for everything he/she needs is some true gold.

Challenges will make it easier to elicit desired behavior through peer pressure. People will be more compelled to follow a certain behavior once they are challenged to do so

Have you ever heard about the reward you receive when you meet a goal? So, when you are challenged, your mind receives a stimulus to complete that task and when you’re done, you will feel great. Do you know that sensation of task accomplishment? That’s how people will feel. And possibly the results of doing the challenge will make him/her happy too.

And the best of all is that this will be associated with your brand. They’ll say “Because of “Brand”, I did it!”. Isn’t that awesome?


Not many people know this, but online education, also known as knowledge commerce, is a $275 billion industry. You don’t even need teaching credentials to host mini-courses as a lead magnet. You can start mini-courses that consist of different elements like weekly emails with articles and homework, quizzes, audio and video recordings, and more.

And the best part is that it will be good for your personal growth too, as you do your researches and learn more to teach others.

Free eBooks

Free eBooks are a viable option especially as people can read them on their laptops, tablets, phones, or e-readers. This will be a great way of getting amazing content into your visitors’ hands even without having to ship physical copies of books.

The problem is that this lead magnet is one of the most laborious. You will spend lots of time researching, planning, writing, editing, formatting and designing or will pay someone to do this job for you. But, recently we found out a great solution and we want to share it with you.

On Scribble, you can create eBooks in 5 minutes, without typing any words. In this way, you choose a template, fill it with automatic content and customize it. It’s easy to use and you don’t have a limit of pages you can work on. Also, there are 15 niche categories you can choose from and you’ll have a commercial license to do all of this.


People prefer content that is quick and easy to consume. For example, audio. Audios work very well for both user engagement and email list building. Also, it is practical, as you can hear it while doing something else, like take a walk, do some exercises or some housework.

And you can explain to them that you learn better and faster while activating more than one region of your brain. To know more about this, read our article about accelerated learning.


You can record podcasts of 30-60 minutes and it would be a great lead magnet that could boost your online business. You can start recording short, high-value audio recordings for your audience and within no time you’ll start receiving positive feedback. It helps because you will get to talk to your leads directly and it’ll lead to increased engagement. Also, here you have the practicality of doing something else too.

And if you are starting, you can borrow other people’s authority by inviting them to do an interview and giving them space to promote their ideas, generating content for your audience.


Webinars are great for connecting with customers and prospective leads, interacting with your target audience, and developing your company culture.

As lead magnets, webinars will offer two primary points of value:


Webinars focus more on teaching attendees how you can accomplish something as they provide valuable information that the participants can apply to their goals.


Webinars also conclude with discount codes or other incentives for participants to make a purchase. It’ll also improve your email marketing efforts.


People love quizzes because they tend to be fun and instructive. But they are also very useful, especially if you know how you can use them to build your emails’ list quicker. In that way, you can segment your leads by the quiz’s results and offer customized content and products to the participants.


Spreadsheets are laborious, but a cheap way to attract leads.

Here you can make a collection of:

Providers/Products to sell

For those who want to start a shop or a small online business. And you can do this for different niches.


For those who want to start on the area or want to deepen their knowledge. You can also do this for different niches.


Now that you know everything about lead magnets, you should know how to do this in practice. And for this, we have a special recommendation for you:

12 Minutes Affiliate

This course aims at affiliate marketing, but the instructor teaches you how to “seduce” a customer, using lead magnets, e-mails’ list and sales funnel.

In this way, you’ll be able to understand better what this process is all about and put it in practice in just a few minutes.


Now, can you see the importance of the lead magnets? Start making your own lead magnets and you’ll see the results soon enough. I guarantee that you will grow your e-mails’ list and make much more sales.

So, don’t let anybody say to you that lead magnets and e-mails’ lists are outdated. Prove them wrong and show them their worth.

*This post - although a genuine recommendation of a product I have purchased and used - uses affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you choose to sign up through my link.

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