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My Personal Content Creation Checklist

Here is my personal basic content marketing checklist that makes life a lot easier, especially if you are working with freelancers (to create a concise job description and manage progress).

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how many pieces you need of each thing or having trouble just organizing a cadence and distributing the content you create, this is for you!

Edit for your own needs and feel free to comment on your items (that I may have neglected!!!)


Content Creation and Curation

✅ 1-page keyword and trends research, blog post topics and main topic of the month. I use a phenomenal tool to help me create content that is relevant to the questions of my audience.

✅ Create 4 blog posts/youtube video scripts

✅ Create 8 Pinterest images to promote blog posts (4 infographics and 4 promo images). I have a few free Canva.com templates here to make it easier for you!

✅ Curate 300 Pins for your Pinterest account (this is a two-hour investment, using the google chrome Tailwind extension!)

✅ Create 4 emails (tied to blog posts and/or Youtube) to blast my email list

✅ 4 Youtube videos filmed and edited (horizontal and vertical for IGTV and stories) + 4 keyword rich blurbs

✅ 15 high-quality images for Instagram feed + 15 microblog-style captions + 15 groups of relevant hashtags

✅ 9 curated articles to share on Facebook + blurbs

✅ 26 story images (I have a ton of ideas on this Pinterest board)


✅ Publish blog posts and blast list with an email inviting them to read

✅ Schedule Pinterest infographics and blog-promoting images on Tailwind

✅ 15 Instagram images scheduled for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Boost posts for $1 to get some traction on your Facebook page.

✅13 articles scheduled for Facebook and LinkedIn (9 curated + 4 created) - 1 every 2 days. Boost posts for $1 to get some traction on your Facebook page.

✅ 30 Instagram Stories (26 story images + 4 snippets from Youtube videos)

Pro tips:

🎯 You can use your Youtube video as a blog post, just adding a couple of keyword-rich paragraphs!

🎯 Blog posts and videos are interchangeable in my experience, ultimately depending on your strength! So if you are great on video, by all means you can do both! But if you feel your strength is written word, have at it and leave videos for when you've got this cadence down! Otherwise, you will start procrastinating!

🎯You can make 4 of your Instagram stories letting your audience know there's a new blog post out!

🎯You can schedule ALL of your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook posts beforehand using Tailwind - even the ones that have links to blog posts that are not yet published - just make sure you schedule the infographics/promo posts on Pinterest a few hours after the blog post is published!

🎯Cutstory is an app that allows you to repurpose your Youtube videos as 15 second long installments for Instagram stories! Just make sure you film it in a way that it won't zoom in too much when cut vertically!

🎯If you want to save some serious time, make sure you check out my post about how I outsource my Social Media engagement for less than a Starbucks a day!

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