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Growing on Instagram with the 1.80 Strategy

Noticing that your Instagram growth is stagnant? Feeling like the suppression of Instagram "likes" has damaged your engagement? Do not freak out! The 1.80 strategy is here to help you get your interactions up and running! Those who follow us on social networks know that we test all kinds of strategies, black or white hat. Even though we share them with warnings and disclaimers, we try to give all the available options to our audience and customers who rely on our expertise to grow. Now we also find in this process of testing - from the most innocent to the sketchiest strategies - that honest strategies are vastly more beneficial in the long run and that when it comes to building a brand, it's best to stick with genuine strategies! The secret to a successful account on any digital platform is how your brand relates to the community around it. If a brand only posts on their pages but doesn't interact with their audience, they are turning a multidirectional platform (content that leaves the page and comes back with user interactions) into an omnidirectional (rigid content and no room for opinion) which doesn't foster a community.

What is Strategy 1.80? The 1.80 strategy, designed by Gary Vee, is a way to make your time on social media much more productive by organically and effectively increasing audience engagement with your community, so that by thinking about the brand, consumers can also be reminded of a more personal connection and engagement with your content. The strategy is based on the expression "my five cents", which refers to giving an opinion and adding value to a discussion. In this sense, every interaction your brand makes on social media will be your five cents for that publication, page or user - which means making the interaction really constructive and authentic. In practical terms, it entails leaving relevant comments on 90 posts a day, every day, strategically to start seeing growth in the posts themselves and interactions.

Implementation Search for the ideal hashtags: The best way to get started is to search the top ten hashtags that your ideal audience follows. This research is essential so that dedicated time is not in vain and you can reach exactly your ideal audience. Finding the right hashtags is much easier if you know exactly who your ideal audience is and what other types of pages they follow.

Remember that you will be commenting on posts from people who are your target audience, so these hashtags have to be the ones your target audience would use - not necessarily the hashtags they follow. Within each hashtag, prioritise the most recent posts rather than the most popular posts, as you are more likely to get noticed by posts with fewer interactions.

Interact with 90 posts daily: The goal is to “spend” 1.80 per day, meaning being active in 90 engagement actions with hashtags relevant to your niche. The most important thing here is to make these interactions natural and to make users feel personally affected, as if talking to a friend. What you will do in practice is to leave comments relevant to the images and text of the posts. The engagement and loyalty of followers acquired through this strategy is very high, as the impulse to follow the page was the result of a positive interaction that generated interest in what the page has to offer. It's much more beneficial to your brand that your followers are people who will not only enjoy your content, but interact with it by commenting, tagging their friends, and increasing your visibility on the platform naturally.

Estimated time: Here lies the challenge of executing this strategy: it implies an investment of at least 1hr 30min every day for each account. The strategy has almost immediate effect on the page's engagement but it is time consuming and demands that the executor be careful to split the interactions into two or three "instalments" to prevent Instagram from interpreting the high volume of comments as spam. One tip for you that you have no time to implement and can make an investment is GenM, a platform where you can "hire" interns to help with your engagement. You pay the platform monthly and the person you "hire" is an apprentice who is looking to gain experience through working on the platform.

Finally, be part of the community your niche is in and be remembered as a brand that is always up to date and has the best interaction without offering products directly or disrupting your audience's experience with the platform. Remember that people do not go to digital platforms to view advertisements but for their leisure, so contribute to this experience instead of getting in the way of it. Turn your page's relationship with your followers into a unique, personal experience, so you have more new followers a day and more people really interested in what your brand has to say. Have you heard of the 1.80 strategy? How do you interact with the community on social networks? Leave your comment and help others who are still struggling to improve their visibility on social media.

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