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Outsource Your Social Media Engagement for less than a Starbucks a day!

In the beginning of this year I was working as a Freelancer and business started getting a little challenging to handle just by myself, so I've started thinking about how I could scale my social media tasks and - as expected - I decided to bring someone onto the team.

I always had this limiting belief that I couldn't possibly hire someone unless I had a ton of money saved up as I wouldn't like to "gamble" with someone else's future in case I lost a client or two. I still believe that hiring people has to be a responsible, loving and mindful process, don't get me wrong.

But what dawned on me was how long I was taking on menial tasks that were not bringing me more clients, more revenue or even growing my audience in any significant way! I was spending at least two hours engaging on Instagram and Pinterest, and that wasn't translating in any product sales or closing new clients. That meant that my hourly rate had dropped from $100 in strategic consulting to less than $12 an hour! Now, take a moment and think for a little: are your social media marketing investments bringing you more or less than your normal hourly rate?

The search to find a solution that was responsible and mindful brought me to an amazing platform that has helped me to delegate the most manual parts of the work, so that I could focus on the strategic priorities of scaling my business.

GenM offers Marketing courses to students and people who want to become marketers as well as an opportunity to become an apprentice for a business for 3 months. So it is the ultimate win-win situation: the business pays a monthly fee of $49 and gets an apprentice for 10hrs per week, for a total period of 3 months.

Now, I know, it sounds AMAZING - maybe too amazing! I was very skeptical but decided to give it a try. I thought "there is a catch here somewhere!" but decided to go ahead and sign up. So I did and had a call with their onboarding rep, who was genuine, thorough and very honest. So my skeptical brain kept thinking "where is the catch???"... and he explained to me that once you are in the platform, you have to show potential apprentices that you are the right fit for them, messaging your chosen ones for a chat (much a like a normal recruitment process) so I thought "THAT IS THE CATCH!".

Boy, I was wrong! I messaged ten people in the platform with a personal message and within 2 hours I had 3 interviews booked! Not only that, I received dozens of requests from potential apprentices - many with certifications and experience - wanting the referral to catapult their careers.

So far it has been a very pleasant experience, as I am moving on to my third apprentice and had a very satisfactory experience with my prior two.

But what tasks can I delegate?

GenM offers a variety of courses and so far I've received applications from a range of fields - webdesign, social media management, SEO, blog writing and much more. The tasks I've been most successful with delegating were Social Media management (creating and scheduling posts) and - most importantly - manual and genuine engagement. My only disclaimer here is to make sure you mix tasks that are less challenging and more manual with others that are interesting and that will actually teach your apprentice skills they will use in their future.

A few tips on how to get the best of your subscription:

Optimize your profile: Make sure you add your accomplishments and why an apprentice could learn from you. Choose a professional picture and make sure you include your social links for them to check you out.

Have a clear job description: Setting a job description with specific KPIs can help you choose the right person for the role AND ensure they understand their deliverables for each week. That is the most important thing in succeeding with an apprentice and I am at fault for failing at that on my first apprenticeship.

Prepare for your interviews: Make sure you prepare a few questions in advance to ensure you streamline the process and save some time.

Set up a weekly meeting: Setting up some time with your apprentice once you've confirmed the apprenticeship can help them succeed and ensure tasks are done the way you'd want them to. Make sure you also set up a time to give value to them and answer potential questions they may have that you can help!

Share your referral link: We all have friends who are starting up their businesses within our network. Share your referral link and give them $25 off their subscription, gaining $25 off your own subscription after! If 9 people sign up with your link, you receive a free lifetime subscription!

And that is - in my opinion - the best-kept secret in Digital Marketing in 2019: an easy solution to one of the most pressing issues my clients seem to face, which is ensuring they have genuine engagement in their social media platforms every single day.

Are you with GenM? I'd love to hear more experiences in the comments below!

*This post - although a genuine recommendation of a product I have purchased and used - uses affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you choose to sign up through my link.

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