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All You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever heard about affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a great way for you to work at home and gain some extra money or even conquer your financial independence.

Interested? Great!


Affiliate marketing is a way to generate income through a sharing system. You don’t need to create a product to sell and obtain income from it. You can only help other people or enterprises, that are producers, to sale, by divulging and recommending their products and services, and in exchange, you get a commission.

For you that already have an engaged audience in social media, this must just be perfect. People trust you and your opinion, so it will be much easier to sell affiliate products if you know how to do it well.

The way it works is that any time someone clicks in your affiliate link, a small file called “cookie” is stored on the user’s computer. Then, once they buy a product, the merchant will see that they were referred by you and you will be paid with monetized rates.

Are you still not convinced? Let us show you why you should consider affiliate marketing as an alternative.


Good Yields

If you are really excited and putting your best in this job, you might get some good return. Remember, although you work at home, this job is like every other, so you need to dedicate yourself.

Then, if you do it, as said in the beginning, affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra money or even live from that, working on the home office.

You Don’t Need to Create a Product

Creating a product is really hard. It demands investment, time and knowledge. So, this point is a great advantage.

On affiliate marketing, you don’t have the job of producing a product, content or service. You only have to research, choose a good candidate and put your hands in the dough.

It Only Depends on Your Effort

After choosing a great affiliate program, all you need to do is exercise your seller’s and influencer’s abilities. It’s time for you to divulge the product and convince people to buy it.

And this is the best part of affiliate marketing, knowing that, if you did your research right, your success only depends on you. It’s your effort and dedication that will determine the quantity of sales and money that you’ll make.

And here’s a tip for you. Make sure you are treating your possible clients as individuals, not as numbers, or else you’ll never make many sells. Treat people how you would like to be treated.

Now that you are convinced, let’s do this!


Choose a Niche

First of all, you should choose a niche. A niche is a market segment. There are several of them and you should choose one to be focused on or else people will get confused.

Selling all kinds of products will disperse your audience because you won’t have interesting content and products for them all the time. Remember that the public is already segmented in areas. So, narrowing down the niche is very important.

We know that finding the niche that works for you and coming up with an original idea is a bit hard but it will compensate as it’s guaranteed to bump up your chances of achieving success.

Study Your Audience

You should research the demand for your niche by studying the market and your target audience. In this way, you’ll learn exactly which content to produce that will attract and engage your audience.

In other words, proper research will help you to recognize the scale of the tasks you’ll need to do and how much effort you’ll need to put in digital marketing, to grow your online business.

Find and Apply to be an Affiliate of Products to Serve That Niche

Joining an affiliate program will be a great way of getting your hands into the world of affiliate marketing.

You will be free of charge on joining affiliate programs and applying to be affiliated with products and services to serve your niche.

Where Can I Start?

Here are some examples of platforms that you can start. But remember to check if these platforms are aligned with your niche.


Amazon has almost every kind of product, so this might be, most certainly, a good choice for you. Amazon also has a huge collection of reputed books and eBooks that could help your audience.


Clickbank offers physical/digital products and online courses in many different categories, so you most likely should find some product that is aligned with your niche.


On Fiverr, you can promote freelancer’s services, online courses to improve freelancer’s or even market affiliate’s abilities and an app to help them organize their activities.


On Rakuten, you can partner with recognized brands and earn commissions directly from your site.


With this affiliate program, you can offer an e-commerce platform. This can help your audience that wants to start an online business.

Now that you know in which platforms you can start to be a market affiliate, let’s learn how you can successfully divulge the product.

Create a Website to Generate Content

Previous steps were about research and figuring out ways to make profits. Now, it has come the time to start putting that research into action.

Assuming that you don’t have a website already built, this should be the next step towards achieving affiliate business success. Building a website is fairly easy and the easiest way to set up your website would be by using WordPress.

This step is pretty important because your audience will buy from you, by clicking on a landing page that is associated with your site. It transmits more confidence them selling just from social media.

Create Lead Magnets, Opt-in Forms, and E-mail Sequences

Let no one tell you that lead magnets and e-mail marketing are dead. Lead magnets, opt-in forms, and e-mails’ lists are crucial for every affiliate marketer. You can start building up your email sequences via a lead magnet or even by encouraging your target audience to sign up for updates.

To learn more about the importance of the e-mails’ list and lead magnets, click to read our articles about it.

Create Social Media Channels

One of the easiest ways of building an audience for your website would be via social media. Depending on your industry and niche, you can choose between Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and other niche and location-specific networks.

If you build up an interested and engaged following on social media, it would be a great opportunity for building relationships and once you have gained that trust, you’ll be able to promote your products/services to potential clients.

Now that you are aware of all of this, you can do some courses to learn more about it and to know exactly how to do each step.


Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

John Crestani lives the dream of working and travel around the world at the same time, and he wants to teach you how to do that with his Super Affiliate System program.

Through this program, he teaches you how to be a pro on online advertising, like him.

Here’s what you’ll learn on his course:

- How to get everything set up

- Niche research, mindset, intent, and networks

- Copywriting skills

- Google and Facebook ads

- Native ads and YouTube

- Scaling and automation

- Bing, Taboola ads and LinkedIn

There’s over 50 hours of content, daily homework and weekly quizzes, in a language that is simple and easy to understand and you don’t have to have any knowledge about affiliate marketing to benefit from this program.

12 Minutes Affiliate by Devon Brown

Devon Brown spent years trying to figure out what was the recipe to gain lots of money, without spending so many hours working, with affiliate marketing. Now that he discovered, he wants to share it with you.

He says that working with affiliate marketing is as easy as ordering a pizza and he’ll teach you how to do that. Besides, he says that the secret to selling is to show the person the product many times until he/she decides to make the purchase.

So here’s what you’ll learn with his course:

- How to create a free affiliate account

- How to get your auto-responder

- How to set up your auto-responder

- How to activate your 12 minutes affiliate funnels

- How to get targeted traffic

He says that this process takes just 12 minutes to be completed and then you can start selling. To start you’ll need zero tech skills and no prior experience.


In that way, Affiliate Marketing is a great option to work with. You can earn money without all the process of making a product and your success depends only on you.

The beginning process may be a little laborious, but once you get started, everything will be easier with time. And you can do many courses that will help you “crack the code” to be a successful marketing affiliate.

How about starting right now?

*This post - although a genuine recommendation of a product I have purchased and used - uses affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you choose to sign up through my link.

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