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7 Things You Can Do On Your Phone In Less Than 30 Minutes To Improve Your Career

No time for an intro explaining to you the importance of constantly improving yourself in order to increase your employability. This is a smart audience, if you landed here and clicked, it's because you know how paramount that is, so let's just get right to it.

Find The Right Influencers (and interact with them)

This will enrich your commute and all the time you spend looking at random content and will help automatically "curate" what you see on Facebook, Instagram and here. Make a list of at least 20 people in your industry that are putting out relevant, insightful and consistent content. You can find them by Googling "Most influential people in [INDUSTRY]" or variations of that, and then do a quick audit on the type of content they are sharing in their networks.

Following thought leaders and devoting 20minutes to consuming their content puts you in the right path to become a leader in your industry yourself. To power that up even more, make notes about their contents and opinions: do you agree with what they are saying? Do you disagree? Why? What would you argue in favor or against? Did they miss an important point?

You have to understand that most people go to work, do their job and go home - and in many cases, you can't really blame them: we were not taught to pursue that "extra mile", that edge that makes you an active builder of your industry. But you can make a choice to - for just 20 minutes per day - learn more about what is happening in the strategic levels of your industry, where it is going and how you can thrive within it.

Watch a Ted Talk

Those are full of wisdom and insight bombs that may actually give you a ton of topics to talk about to co-workers and at networking opportunities.

Write About What You Know

A short form post on your social networks can do wonders when it comes to building your own brand awareness. Remember, even though you may not have your own business that doesn't mean you disregard your own branding and how you portray yourself in social networks. That way, you know your friends and family (who already know and love you) about what you do and how good you are. Next time they need to refer someone in your field, guess who they'll think of?!

Connect With Your Professional Network

Send a quick and thoughtful message to someone in your network and catch up! It is amazing how much you can learn and grow from the people you already have on your network, as well as get an update on what they are working on. Maybe there's an opportunity to partner up!

Write an Insightful post or Comment In One of Your Facebook Groups

Joining and becoming active in Facebook groups of my industry was probably the one thing that brought me the most clients, partners and friends who were aligned with my values. It is such a small commitment - that of reading and commenting on a couple of posts, and posting once per week in the most active groups with an insightful question or something I have read that could be of value to the community.

These groups are full of people of different levels within your industry. Giving value with no agenda, just the genuine will to help, can truly contribute in you becoming more known for your skills and recognised for expertise and that can go a long way in a rainy day, when it's your turn to ask for help.

Ask For A Referral or Testimonial

Finished a project on a happy note? Ask for a referral! Ask your boss, superior or colleagues to give you a testimonial or if you can list them as a reference for when you need it!

Create a Pinterest Vision Board

A great way to maintain your level of positivity and optimism is to use those dull moments (waiting in line for coffee, stuck in traffic in your Uber) is to invest those minutes in a vision board. Download the Pinterest App onto your phone and start now searching for images that best portray your best life and things you'd like to accomplish. You can add travel ideas, wardrobe ideas, career advancement dreams and goals, all of it! That can be amazing to raise your level of energy and your willingness to engage with others in the workplace - which can help you improve your workplace presence and relationships.

What are the productive things you like to do when you have 30 minutes to spare? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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